SWAT-CUP is a Calibration Uncertainty Program for SWAT. It can also be used to perform validation and sensitivity analysis.

SWAT-CUP is a program for calibration of SWAT models. The program could be used to perform calibration, validation, sensitivity analysis (one-at-a-time, and global) and uncertainty analysis. The program links SUFI2, GLUE, ParaSol, MCMC, and PSO to SWAT. Any of the procedures could be used to perform calibration and uncertainty analysis of a SWAT model.
SWAT-CUP also has graphical modules to observe simulation results, uncertainty range, sensitivity graphs, watershed visualization using Bing map, and statistical reports.


Payment methods:

1- Payment with credit card


Life-time license for academic usage and research purposes at universities

380 CHF(Swiss Franc)

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Lifetime license for professional usage at consulting companies and government institutes

680 CHF(Swiss Franc)

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2- Bank transfer

  • Payable to: 2W2E GmbH
  • Bank: UBS Switzerland AG, 8000 Zürich
  • Account Name: 2W2E GmbH
  • Address: Mettlenweg 3, 8600 Dübendorf

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  • Important notice: After proceeding the payment email us the proof of Bank transfer to “info@2w2e.ch”. It takes 1 to 2 business days for us to issue the license.

Download SWAT-CUP for windows Download SWAT-CUP for linux