Meet Our Team

Dr. Karim Abbaspour

Dr Abbaspour is in the field of hydrology and soil physics with a background in civil engineering and mathematics. He has done extensive work in modelling of flow and transport in soils, groundwater, and catchments. On the mathematical side, he had developed internationally used system analysis techniques to calibrate models. Dr Abbaspour has modelled water resources of Africa, Iran, the Black Sea Basin, and the European continent. He has also studied the impact of climate change on water resources of Iran, and Africa.

Dr. Saeid Vaghefi

Dr Vaghefi is an environmental data scientist with a background in civil engineering. His research focus is on the risk assessment of compound extreme events and decision-making under deep uncertainty. He applies analytical, statistical, and machine learning models to large databases and provide insights for decision-makers in different sectors.

Dr. Hong Yang

Dr Hong Yang’s main research interests include integrated water resources management, modelling of water-food-environmental relations, virtual water and water footprint assessment, climate change impacts on water and food security and adaptation measures, regional development, decision support, water and environmental policies.

Dr. Mory Ghomshei

Dr Mory Ghomshei works as an international energy consultant. He is ISO-50001 specialist. His expertise are in mining and sustainable energy resources and technologies and mineral and material science. He is presently a principal investigator in a number of Canadian and international energy projects (e.g. extraction of heat from abandoned and operating mines, co-production of geothermal energy and natural gas in Northern BC , and optimization of energy usage in mining, especially in ventilation and comminution).

Mr. Abbas Mirmashhouri

Mr. Abbas Mirmashhouri is an M.S graduate in software engineering with substantial work experience in full-stack software development on web, windows, and mobile platforms. Also, he has been working on data analysis by machine learning and neural network algorithms.