SWAT-CUP Premium

SWAT-CUP Premium is a Calibration Uncertainty Program for SWAT. It can also be used to perform validation and sensitivity analysis.

SWAT-CUP Premium is an improved version of SWAT-CUP, which allows behavioral and multi-objective calibration. Users can choose any combination of 11 functions (R2, NS, bR2, PBIAS, etc.) to build a multi-objective function for calibration. The multi-objective option relaxes the conditionality of the calibrated parameters concerning an objective function. The program also allows validation, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty analysis. Jason map technology, along with the Bing map, is used to enable visualization of the watershed under study. Analysis and design of BMP’s after calibration is also allowed. Simulations of the program could be speeded up substantially with a parallel processing option.

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Interactive maps in SWAT-CUP premium

Parallel processing in SWAT-CUP premium Multi-objective, Multi goal-function optimization problems in SWAT-CUP premium Global sensitivity analysis in SWAT-CUP premium Uncertainty analysis in SWAT-CUP premium One at a time sensitivity analysis in SWAT-CUP premium Summary statistics of the model in SWAT-CUP premium