Open Positions

2W2E GmbH (WWEE) stands for Water, Weather Energy and Ecosystem. 2W2E is an independent consulting company in the field of water, weather, energy and ecosystem. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Our focus is on watersheds and river basins management. We have many experiences in the field of water quantity and quality analysis, small watersheds and large scale modelling. We have developed many products to facilitate the modelling process of earth and atmosphere phenomena. The 2W2E aims to become a strong corporate group that competes successfully anywhere in the world. We believe in creating new solutions in the areas of water and the environment, to become a presence that can inspire high expectations and strong confidence among global stakeholders. Our main product is SWAT-CUP, which is a calibration program for SWAT hydrological model. Our clients apply SWAT-CUP and our other products in more than 95 countries in a great variety of commercial projects and research studies. Natural Scientist / Database Specialist / Programmer Software Engineer/ Full stack developer